Like Heroku, but more powerful and cheaper. Use your AWS Account.
Widemesh is a NoOps platform to easily deploy apps on your existing cloud accounts while retaining the freedom to switch between DigitalOcean, AWS, GCP or Azure in matter of seconds at anytime.
a true multi-cloud platform
An easier, cheaper and safer way to deploy.

More Credits for Everyone

With Widemesh no credits are wasted, you can use all your cloud credits at the same time or finish with one provider and switch to the next one in 30 seconds without changing any tooling. Rinse and Repeat.

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Cross-Cloud Availability

Availability zones and Regions are no longer enough. Multi-region downtimes are here to stay. With Widemesh you no longer have to helplessly wait refreshing their status page hoping the issue gets resolved soon, with a single command just switch to another cloud even before they update their Status Page.

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protects your business

Fear-free business

You don't have to go viral so your cloud provider lets you regain access to your apps, Widemesh lets you take your business somewhere else in case your cloud provider inexplicable shutdowns your account.

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The easiest way to deploy apps to the cloud.
Widemesh consist of a CLI tool you can install to leverage single-command deploying, configuration, scaling and migration of cloud apps.
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