Single Command Deploy

Deploy applications with a single command, making it easy for the entire team to keep moving fast.


Pick any cloud you want to deploy your app and services, smoothly migrate to a new cloud that fits your needs and priorities.

Your infrastructure

Widemesh deploys to your private AWS or DigitalOcean account, isolating from multi-tenant systems for stability and security.

Polyglot Environments

Widemesh supports your favorite runtimes, including Node.js, Golang, Python, Ruby, Java, Scala, PHP, and more.

Painless SSL & custom domains

The days of paying extra for SSL certificates are over; widemesh provisions and automatically renews free SSL certs via Let's Encrypt.

Buildpacks ready

Widemesh is compatible with most buildpacks, even the old ones. We offer the smoothest experience to migrate off Heroku.

Docker ready

Widemesh supports Docker containers without modification.

Centralized Logs

Stream real-time logs across your apps with a single command.

Centralized Metrics

Watch CPU and Memory consumption with a single command, both at rack and application level.

Remote Shells

Remotely open an interactive shell and execute command like is localhost, no SSH setup required.

Deployment Log

Widemesh keeps a history of deployments to provide insight into who and when changes were deployed.

Micro-services ready

Start with a monolith and scale vertically all you need, painlessly adopt micro-services if/as you see fit.

Performance options

Take advantage of a wide array of CPU and memory configurations available across cloud providers, Widemesh does the rest.

Immutable infrastructure

Deploys made with Widemesh are immutable; you can roll back to previous versions without hassle.

Managed servers

Widemesh keeps your servers health-checked and healed as necessary while applying critical, backward-compatible updates to the underlying operating system.

Startup friendly

Do you have credits in AWS or DigitalOcean? Don't let credits go wasted, Widemesh can leverage credits from your cloud provider without changing your experience.

Stay tuned

Widemesh is in Private Beta

See our upcoming launch in Product Hunt