How it Works

How does the developer experience look like

You install a CLI in your computer, then there is a command to use your cloud credentials and another command to deploy apps.

Is Widemesh expensive?

Not at all, our platform only needs to provision a minimum of 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU Core which in providers such as DigitalOcean is as low as 5 USD /mo.

From there our platform scales with the compute capacity that your cloud provider allows you to provision.

How does Billing work

If you provision 5 USD of capacity in your cloud provider, at the end of the month:

- Your cloud provider sends you an invoice for 5 USD
- Widemesh sends you an invoice for 1 USD

What can I deploy with Widemesh

You can deploy almost any source code with a Dockerfile in it.

- Web Applications
- Micro-Services
- Web and Mobile API
- Workers
The easiest way to deploy apps to the cloud.
Widemesh consist of a CLI tool you can install to leverage single-command deploying, configuration, scaling and migration of cloud apps.
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