The mesh CLI provides a complete list of commands for building, deploying and monitoring apps in the cloud via Widemesh Platform.

MacOS or Linux

The following script allows you to download the mesh program:

curl -sf | sh

The mesh command self-updates automatically.

Windows 10 (64 bits)

You have two different ways to install the command in Windows:

  • Windows Installer: Automatically installs and configures mesh in your PATH so you can use it in Command Prompt, Powershell, and Windows Terminal shells. No administrator privileges are required as it installs only for your user account. Since it’s unsigned, Microsoft Defender will not recognize it; clicking “More info” in the warning dialog activates the “Run anyway” button, download: mesh-setup.exe

  • Manual Installation: You can also download and uncompress in any directory; this option requires you to configure your PATH manually, download:

Once installed, the mesh command self-updates automatically.

Next Step

Once installed you can follow the quickstart guide to setup your account and deploy your first app!